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Wind Direction Vane
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The wind vane has been specifically designed for the Weather-Pro weather station. It is manufactured from stainless steel and anodized aluminum so as to provide minimum maintenance and maximum reliability. 
  • Range 0° ~360°  
  • Accuracy ± 5°  
  • Dead band 20° (350° ~10° )

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The Wind Direction Vane can be supplied with a  Potentiometer (10kohms) or 4 to 20mA Output.

4 to 20mA output is:
  4mA at   0 deg North
12mA at  180deg South
20mA at  360 deg North

It can be supplied free standing, (as above)
or on a Base Mounting Plate,
or attached to a L Bar or T Bar Equipment Mounting Arm


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The T Bar is specifically designed to give good seperation between wind speed anemometers and wind vanes. The total Length of the T bar is 800mm. The bar is 41mm U section and is supplied with a plastic capping strip to cover the underside of the arm and two end caps. The Arm has an attachment plate with holes that can be used for mounting to 50mm (2inch) or 25mm (1inch) diameter pipe or bolting to posts or buildings. The arm is supplied complete with two 50mm (2inch) U bolts