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The THP-485-PS is an Air Temperature, Humidity and Barametric Pressure Probe Set. It is designed for connection to the RS485 line of a GP-MC or Weather-Pro Plus weather station. The sensors are housed in a solar radiation shield mounted on an L-Bar equipment mounting arm.

There is a 4pin Female Switchcraft connector on the underside of the L-Bar for connection to the RS485 Line from the GP-MC or Weather-Pro Plus weather station.


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Sensor Specification

The temperature sensor is a high accuracy thermister which has been factory calibrated to within 0.2 ° C. This alleviates the need for any user calibration. The sensor has low thermal mass so as to ensure a fast response time.
Range -30° C~70° C 
Accuracy ± 0.3° C from (0° C~50° C)

Sensirion SHT11 Digital humidity sensor Long-term stability Fully calibrated by Sensirion Response time 4 seconds
Range 0%~100%
Accuracy ± 3.5%RH from 10% to 90% ± 5%RH from 0% to 10% and 90% to 100%

Barametric Pressure:
Intersema MS 5534B Digital Sensor
Fully calibrated by Intersema
Range 10 to 1100 mBar (hPa)
Temperature Range-40 to +125
Resolution 0.1 mBar (hPa) Accuracy ± 1.5 mBar (hPa)
Temperature Co-efficient ± 2mBar (hPa) from -40° C to +85° C

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