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Tc-LCD   Thermocouple Logger

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The Tc-LCD is a high resolution (16 bit), handheld thermocouple
datalogger with a liquid crystal display. The logger connects to a single external thermocouple probe and also has an internal thermister sensor.  The logger accepts Type J,K,N,R and T thermocouple probes. The display shows ambient temperature, thermocouple temperature, battery voltage, logger and alarm status. This logger is designed for indoor use (IP 40) but can be supplied with a
TruTrack Seahorse Logger Enclosure for outdoor use.  The logger uses the standard NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) equations to calculate, display and log temperatures from the various thermocouple probe types
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Thermocouple Input:
Thermocouple Sensor



The Tc-LCD's Universal Miniature Thermocouple Connector Socket can be used to connect type J, K, N, R and T thermocouples

Universal Miniature Thermocouple Connector Socket

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J Type Plug
   (Black IEC Farnell # 151128)
   (Black USA Newport Code HMP-J-M)
K Type Plug
   (Green IEC Farnell #  7086362)
   (Yellow USA Newport Code HMP-K-M)
N Type Plug
   (Pink IEC Farnell #  7086430)
   (Orange USA Newport Code HMP-N-M)
R Type Plug
   (Orange IEC )
   (Green USA Newport Code HMP-R-M)
T Type Plug
   (Brown IEC Farnell #  7086404)
   (Blue USA Newport Code HMP-T-M)

Note: This is the logger accuracy only and does not include inaccuracies in the particular thermocouple probe used.

Type at Minimum Temp at 0 º C at Max Temp
J ± 1.0º C ± 0.5º C ± 1.0º C
K ± 1.0º C ± 0.5º C ± 1.0º C
N ± 2.0º C ± 1.0º C ± 1.0º C
R ± 3.5º C ± 2.0º C ± 2.0º C
T ± 1.0º C ± 0.5º C ± 0.5º C

The logger uses the standard NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) equations to calculate, display and log temperatures from the various thermocouple probe types

Temperature  Coefficient ± 0.01% per º C of logger Temperature
Temperature Range
Type Min Temp   MaxTemp
J -200º C   900º C
K -250º C   1300º C
N -250º C   1300º C
R -50º C   1760º C
T -250º C   400º C
Resolution 0.1º C
Internal Temperature:
Sensor Type Thermister
Linear accuracy over range ± 0.3º C (0º C to 70º C)
Repeatability ± 0.1º C
Long term stability ± 0.1º C
Working Temperature -20º C to +70º C
Storage Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Sampling Rate
1 second minimum
10 hours maximum
in 1 second intervals
Storage capacity
522,240 samples logging thermocouple only 
362 days with 1 min logging interval
4.9 years with 5 min logging interval
Two independent Alarms
Triggered on any combination of six user configurable Alarm Conditions
Both alarms can be configured to send SMS messages
Two Open Collector Alarm outputs
Alarms can be visually checked on the LCD Display or by using the Omnilog Software
Start modes
Start immediately
Start on date/time
Start on condition (eg temperature > 20° C)
Start on trigger (push button on logger)
Stop modes
Stop when memory is full
Stop on date/time
Loop around (continues logging)
Logging Modes
Each channel can be set to log any combination of: 
  • Point readings
  • Average reading
  • Maximum reading
  • Minimum reading
User Replaceable
Two 3.6V Lithium AA cells
One to Five years depending on usage. 
The data is retained in the case of battery failure.
Battery Status Monitor on LCD display and in OmniLog Software
Download Time 9min 30sec for Full Logger
Case material ABS Plastic
IP Rating 40
Weight 185g
Size 130mm x 80mm x 30mm
Mini Din Pinout.jpg (47562 bytes)The Tc-LCD has a 8 pin Mini-DIN female socket.

Pin 1  Common
Pin 2  RS232 RX (out of logger)
Pin 3  RS232 TX (into logger)
Pin 4  RS232 CTS (out of logger)
Pin 5  RS232 RTS (into logger)
Pin 6  Alarm 1 Open Collector Output
Pin 6  Alarm 2 Open Collector Output
Pin 8  Power 5 to 16V DC

A DLC8 download cable is required to connect the Tc-LCD to a computer

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Liquid Crystal Display Operation

 The Tc-LCD displays logger status and alarm status continuously and can be set to show the internal temperature (cold junction compensation temperature), the thermocouple sensor temperature, the battery voltage and the number of logged samples.

Logger status is shown as:
If the logger is waiting for Start on Trigger it can be started in the field from the Menu provided on the display.
If an Alarm has been triggered the display will show:

If both Alarms are triggered “Alarm” will be displayed
continuously and “
1” and “2” will flash consecutively.

 Low Batt will be displayed if the internal batteries requires

Tc-LCD Menu Options

Pressing the Enter button on the front panel of the Tc-LCD
activates the Menu Display. The
Down Arrow can then be used to scroll down through the various Menu Options. When the required menu option is displayed, press Enter to select this option. Menu Options on the Tc-LCD are:

The display will update at 1 second intervals for 1 minute after any button is pushed. It will then slow down to 10 second display updates (this is a power saving feature).