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Tc-HR   Thermocouple Logger

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The Tc-HR is a small Two Channel High Resolution (12 bit) Temperature Datalogger. The logger connects to an external Thermocouple probe and also has an internal thermister sensor.  The logger accepts Type J,K,N,R and T thermocouple probes. 

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Thermocouple Input:
External Sensor Connector
2 pin Switchcraft Plug (EN3C2M )
1 Positive
2 Negitive
pinout2.gif (1802 bytes) View from Front of Socket or Rear of Plug
Accuracy ± XX%
Temperature  Coefficient ± 0.1% per º C of logger Temperature
Temperature Range
Type Min Temp   MaxTemp
J -200º C   900º C
K -250º C   1300º C
N -250º C   1300º C
R -50º C   1760º C
T -250º C   400º C
Type Min Temp at 0º C Max Temp
J ± 0.32º C ± 0.15º C ± 0.13º C
K ± 2º C ± 0.2º C ± 0.23º C
N ± 2º C ± 0.3º C ± 0.21º C
R ± 1.5º C ± 1.4º C ± 0.6º C
T ± 1.5º C ± 0.2º C ± 0.13º C
Internal Temperature:
Sensor Type Thermister
Linear accuracy over range ± 0.3º C (0º C to 70º C)
Repeatability ± 0.1º C
Long term stability ± 0.1º C
Working Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Storage Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Sampling Rate
1 second minimum
10 hours maxium
in 1 second intervals
Storage capacity
64,000 8 bit samples
32,000 12bit samples
Two independent Alarms
Triggered on any combination of six user configurable Alarm Conditions
One alarm can be configured to dial a PocketPager
Alarms can be visually checked using the Omnilog Software
Start modes
Start immediately
Start on date/time.
Stop modes
Stop when memory is full
Stop on date/time
Loop around (continues logging)
Logging Modes
Each channel can be set to log any combination of: 
  • Point readings
  • Average reading
  • Maximum reading
  • Minimum reading
Factory Replaceable
One ½ AA 3.6V lithium cell
Five year life. 
The data is retained in the case of battery failure.
Battery Status Monitor in OmniLog Software
Download Time 35 seconds for Full Logger
Case material 304 Stainless tube
Screw on end cap Plated brass
Weight 110g
Size 20mm diameter X 168mm long

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