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Seahorse Logger Enclosure

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The TruTrack Seahorse Logger Enclosure is a weatherproof lockable equipment housing designed to be mounted on posts or 50mm poles. The enclosure is a Seahorse SE300 Equipment Case that has had a plastic mounting plate welded to it. It is used to house loggers, power supplies, modems, alarm systems and sensor electronics.

Seahorse equipment cases are watertight, airtight, dustproof, crush resistant and designed to keep your logging equipment safe from the elements.

You can visit the Seahorse website at:

The Seahorse Logger Enclosure is supplied with 2 U bolt clamps for attaching the enclosure to a 50mm outside diameter pipe.

The case can be bolted or padlocked closed. The bolts and padlocks are no supplied with the enclosure. 

Weatherproof communication and power supply sockets are fitted to the underside of the enclosure.

The communication socket is compatable with:
   GSM-TL GSM Tel-Link Modem
   SRR-TL Short Range Radio Tel-Link System
   MRR-TL Medium Range Radio Tel-Link System

The communication socket is compatable with:
   Solar Power Supply

Sockets for probes and sensors can be fitted to the case as required

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   Colour Black
   Outside Height
   including mounting plate
   Outside Height
   excluding mounting plate
   Outside Width 197mm
   Outside Depth 124mm
   Inside Height 243mm
   Inside Width 188mm
   Inside Depth 100mm
   Weight 1.3kg
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