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Pressure Probe
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The sensors are suitable for the measurement of liquid or gas pressure including difficult media such as contaminated water, steam and mildly corrosive liquids or gasses. There are three pressure ranges available:
  • -15 to 100psi
  • -15 to 250psi
  • -15 to 500psi

These are gage sensors so the back of the sensor is ported to the atmosphere. They should not be used if the back of the sensor will be under pressure or will experience high humidity.

Temperature  Coefficient ± 3% from 0º C to 55º C
Long term stability ± 0.25% per year
Thread 1/8 inch NPT
Material 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Working Temperature -20 to +85° C
Cable Length P-LCD 500mm
GP-HR 1500mm
GP-MC 1500mm

The sensors for the P-LCD (See photo top right) plug directly into the logger.

The sensors for the GP-HR and GP-MC plug into an amplifier cable that connects to the loggers. (see photo bottom left) The cable on the sensor is 500mm long. The cable from the amplifier to the logger is 1000mm so the combined length of cable is 1500mm.

Once the P-LCD has been calibrated with one sensor a different sensor can be connected with a small loss of accuracy (see Accuracy Un-Calibrated). On the GP-HR and GP-MC the amplifier and sensor should not be swapped between loggers without recalibration.  

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Available pressure Ranges 

Code Range Proof Burst
For P-LCD      
  P100-PS -15~100psi 200psi 500psi
  P250-PS -15~250psi 500psi 1250psi
  P500-PS -15~500psi 1000psi 2500psi
For GP-HR      
  P100-HR-PS -15~100psi 200psi 500psi
  P250-HR-PS -15~250psi 500psi 1250psi
  P500-HR-PS -15~500psi 1000psi 2500psi
For GP-MC      
  P100-MC-PS -15~100psi 200psi 500psi
  P250-MC-PS -15~250psi 500psi 1250psi
  P500-MC-PS -15~500psi 1000psi 2500psi
Accuracy: Combined Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability
Code Calibrated Un-Calibrated  
  P100-PS ± 1psi ± 3psi  
  P250-PS ± 3psi ± 9psi  
  P500-PS ± 5psi ± 15psi  
  P100-HR-PS ± 1psi NA  
  P250-HR-PS ± 3psi NA  
  P500-HR-PS ± 5psi NA  
  P100-MC-PS ± 1psi NA  
  P250-MC-PS ± 3psi NA  
  P500-MC-PS ± 5psi NA