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Reset to Factory Defaults

>>> Tools: Reset to Factory Default

>>> Ctrl+F

The Reset to Factory Default function is used to reset all configuration and calibration settings within the logger.

WARNING - This will cause the loss of any calibration values and all data that may be stored in the logger.

Some Logger Types have more than one Factory default.

For example the pH-HR pH logger has two factory defaults - one for a probe that has a PT100 temperature sensor in the pH probe and one for a probe that has no temperature sensor and therefore has no temperature compensation of pH.

The GP-HR General Purpose Logger has a factory default for each of the available standard probesets.

If a logger has more the one factory default, a list of the available factory defaults will be displayed in the Reset Logger to Factory Default dialog box.

Select the default required from the list provided

For example if you wish to set up a GP-HR General Purpose Logger as a 2 channel 4 to 20 mA logger, select GP-HR mA2.

Then click on the Reset (Logger Name) to Factory Default button.

The following list shows loggers that have more than one factory default and a discription of the factory default codes used in the OmniLog Software.


GP-HR General Purpose High Resolution Datalogger


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