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Menu Bar

The Menu bar is displayed directly beneath the title bar on the main screen. The Menu bar contains lists of commands broken up into menus that drop down when selected. The following functions are accessed from the Menu bar:




Create a New Dataset by downloading all data from the Currently Connected Logger and automatically saving it using the Default Dataset Name


Open a Log File or Derived Dataset File and make it the Active Dataset


Close the Active Window


Save data from the Currently Connected Logger to a Log File

Export data from the Active Dataset for use in other applications


Join data from two or more Log files to create a Derived Dataset File

Print Setup...

Select Printer and Print Options


Print Values, Statistics or Graph reports from the a Dataset View


Quit the Application




Cut selected block and place on clipboard


Copy selected block to clipboard


Paste clipboard to current cursor position


Clear selected block

Select All

Select all characters in a cell

Change dataset Units...

Changes the units of one channel of data in the Active Dataset (eg millimeters to inches)

Add Derived Channel...

Adds a channel to the dataset that has been derived from other channels (eg Dew Point, Wind Chill)




Disconnects from the current logger and connects to a new logger. This is only required if loggers are disconnected and reconnected in less that 4 seconds


The system defaults to AutoConnect at start up. If no logger is going to be connected to the system and Omnilog is being used to display historic datasets, the AutoConnect can be deselected to improve system performance. A tick mark is displayed by AutoConnect when it is selected.

Dataset History...

User can select Datasets and remove them from the Active Dataset Selector

Modem Control

Controls connection of logger via the computers modem

Phone Book

Add and Edit Modem Phone Book

Setup Remote Modem...

Sets up modem for use as a remote modem

Radio Control

Controls connection of loggers via a radio module on the computers Comm Port

Reset to Factory Default

Sets Loggers Channel and Probe Setup including Calibration Values to the Factory Default

OmniLog Task Wizard

The Task Wizard is used to set up a list of Tasks and automatically perform the tasks at scheduled times

Task List

Shows a list of tasks set up in the Task Wizard that can be performed manually

Set Computer Clock from Internet

If the computer is connected to the internet, this function can be used to accuratly set the computers clock

Log Time Calculator

Used to calculate run time and stop date for Loggers given logging periods and the number of channels logged

Flow Setup Wizard

Wizard to guide users through the setup of Flow sensors on logger channels

Flow Report Wizard

Wizard to guide users through the production of Flow reports from loggers that have flow sensors

Firmware Uploader

Function to Upload new Firmware to some loggers


Application settings (eg Date Format, Graph Color, Comm Port used...)



Values View

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Values mode

Statistics View

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Statistics mode

Graph View

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Graph mode

Values and Statistics

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Values and Statistics mode

Graph and Values

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Graph and Values mode

Graph and Statistics

Creates a new Dataset View of the Active Dataset in Graph and Statictics mode

Real Time

Shows Logger Channels in Real Time

Logger Control

Controls all aspects of the Connected Logger (Configuration, Calibration, Starting and Download)



Arrange All

Arrange all open windows so that they fit on the current screen


Hide the Active window

Show All

Shows all hidden Windows


Select the next Window in the list of open windows




The Contents page of the OmniLog Help File


The Index page of the OmniLog Help File

OmniLog Frequently Asked Questions on the World Wide Web

If your computer is connected to the Internet, this option will take you to a list of Frequently Asked Questions about OmniLog on the World Wide Web.

About OmniLog

OmniLog About Dialog screen

Some of the options carry out commands, and others display a window so that you can enter additional information. If an option is followed by an ellipsis (...), it will display a window, otherwise the command is carried out.

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