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GP-HR General Purpose Logger

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The GP-HR is a high resolution (12 bit ) multi purpose Data Logger that can be configured to accept input from a wide variety of sources including: 

  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
  • Temperature Probes
  • Solar Radiation Sensors
  • Light Sensors
  • 4-20mA Probes
  • Voltage (DC)
  • Current (DC)
  • Pressure Probes
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor
  • Soil Water Tension Probes
  • Wind Speed Probes
  • Wind Direction Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Frequency

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External Sensor Connector:
6 pin Switchcraft Plug (EN3C6M )
1   Switched Reference voltage
2  First Analog Input
3  Second Analog Input
4  Third Analog Input
5  Fast Pulse Input
6  Common Ground 
pinout6.gif (2129 bytes) View from Front of Socket or Rear of Plug
Three Analogue Channels:
To log any combination of:
Temperature Wind Direction
Humidity Soil Moisture Tension
Pressure Leaf Wetness
Light Voltage (DC)
Solar Energy Current (DC)
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The three analog channels have identical characteristics. Each channel can operate in two modes, Absolute and Ratiometric. The mode of operation is determined by the probe type selected for that channel. The probe type is selected using the Channel and Probe Setup Tab of the Logger Control Screen in the Omnilog Software. Using this software, a different Probe can be selected for each Channel. Temperature (Thermister) , Pressure and Humidity probes are typically Ratiometric. Voltage and current inputs are Absolute.

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Maximum readable input voltage in Ratiometric mode 3.6 Volts Nominal (see note)
Maximum readable input voltage in Absolute mode 2.048Volts
Maximum voltage input without damaging logger 5 Volts
Maximum current to be drawn by the combination of all three probes 5mA
Input Leakage Current 0.1uA
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Note:The maximum readable voltage in ratiometric mode should be derived from the logger supply (Pin 1) and will therefore decrease over the life of the battery to a minimum of 2.7 Volts.

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One Fast Pulse Digital Channel
To log:
Wind speed
Counter (up to 65535)
Frequency (up to 60 kHz)
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The fast pulse input can be used in two modes, Counter or Frequency.
Counter mode is used for  functions such as rainfall.  Frequency Mode is used  for wind speed or flow sensors. The mode of operation is determined by the probe type selected for that channel. The probe type is selected using the Channel and Probe Setup Tab of the Logger Control Screen in the Omnilog Software.

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Maximum Count Per Logging Period 65535
Maximum Frequency with logging period set to 1sec 60kHz
Preferred Switch Input Type Normally Open
Preferred Digital Input Type Normally High
Minimum High Period 1uSec
Mininum Low Period 1uSec
Input Impedence 470 kOhm
Prefered voltage input 3.6 Volts
Maximum voltage input 5.0 Volts
Internal Temperature:
Sensor Type Thermister
Linear accuracy over range ± 0.3º C (0º C to 70º C)
Repeatability ± 0.1º C
Long term stability ± 0.1º C
Working Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Storage Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Sampling Rate
1 second minimum
10 hours maxium
in 1 second intervals
Storage capacity
64,000 8 bit samples
32,000 12bit samples
Two independent Alarms
Triggered on any combination of six user configurable Alarm Conditions
One alarm can be configured to dial a PocketPager
Alarms can be visually checked using the Omnilog Software
Start modes
Start immediately
Start on date/time.
Stop modes
Stop when memory is full
Stop on date/time
Loop around (continues logging)
Logging Modes
Each channel can be set to log any combination of: 
  • Point readings
  • Average reading
  • Maximum reading
  • Minimum reading
Factory Replaceable
One ½ AA 3.6V lithium cell
Five year life. 
The data is retained in the case of battery failure.
Battery Status Monitor in OmniLog Software
Download Time 35 seconds for Full Logger
Case material 304 Stainless tube
Screw on end cap Plated brass
Weight 110g
Size 20mm diameter X 168mm long
Standard Probe Sets:
1 External Temperature
2 External Temperature
3 External Temperature
Humidity & Temperature Probe
Humidity & Temperature Probe with additional Temperature Probe
Pressure & TemperatureProbe
Pressure & Temperature Probe with additional Temperature Probe
Light / Solar EnergyProbe
Light / Solar EnergyProbe with additional Temperature Probe
Rain Gauge Adaptor
Rain Gauge Adaptor with additional Temperature Probe
Wind Speed Anemometer
Wind Speed Anemometer with Temperature Probe
Leaf Wetness Probe
Leaf Wetness Probe withadditional Temperature Probe
3 input  4 to 20mA adaptor

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