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USB Download Cables

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Do not connect a USB Download cable to the computer before Omnilog Version 1.57 or greater is installed.

From version 1.57 of the Omnilog Software there is now direct USB support for the HR, LCD and MC series of TruTrack data Loggers.
Before Omnilog Ver 1.57, users who wanted to use USB had to do so by using a
USB to RS232 Serial converter cable and installing a Virtual Com Port (VCP) driver on the PC or Laptop. Some users were finding that the VCP driver would install the converter on a different com port number every time it was connected or install it on a comm port number that was above the range that Omnilog looks at.

Omnilog Ver 1.57 and greater has full USB support. Virtual Port Drivers are no longer required.    

TruTrack manufacture three types of USB Download cable.

The DLC3USB is for the HR series of loggers (3 pin communication socket)

The DLC8USB is for the LCD series of loggers (8 pin mini DIN communication socket)

The DLC5USB is for the GP-MC logger (9pin D comminication socket)

Using USB download cables:

In Omnilog version 1.57 or greater select Tools...USB Connection

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The USB Connection dialog box will then pop up:

If you have one TruTrack DLC USB download cable connected to your computer, Omnilog will automatically connect to that cable.
Omnilog will automatically click the Connect burtton and connect to the cable. The button will now display "Disconnect" so that you can disconnect from the cable when you have finished using it.

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If you have more than one TruTrack DLC USB download cable connected to your computer, Omnilog will display all connected cables and allow the user to chose which cable to connect to. Select the required cable and click "Connect"
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If there are no TruTrack USB cables connected to the computer but there are RS232 to USB converters using the FTDI chipset connected to the computer, Omnilog will give you the option of trying to connect to these adapter cables as they may have TruTrack RS232 download cables connect to them .
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If no TruTrack DLC USB cables or FTDI chipset RS232 to USB adapters are connect to the computer, you will get the following message:
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If you are always going to use a USB cable to connect to loggers you can tick the "Start Omnilog in USB Mode" option. If this is ticked, Omnilog will automatically try to connect to a logger using the USB interface each time Omnilog is started.
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All TruTrack USB cables are based on the Future Technology Devices International USB chipset.
This chipset is used by a large number of manufactures to produce USB to RS232 Serial converter cables.
USB to RS232 Serial converter cables, using this chipset, can now be used to connect TruTrack download cables to Omnilog without the need for a Virtual Com Port driver.

The drivers for the  Future Technology Devices International USB chipset are automatically installed when you install or update Omnilog. If you purchase a TruTrack USB download cable, please install version 1.57 or greater of the Omnilog software before connecting the cabe to a USB port on the computer. If you connect this download cable before Omnilog Version 1.57 (or greater) is installed, then the computer may assign incorrect generic drivers to this USB download cable. Windows™ will continue to use these incorrect generic drivers even after the correct drivers have been installed. The USB Download cable may not function properly with the incorrect generic drivers. If Windows™ has assigned the incorrect generic drivers to the USB Download cable these can be removed by a cleaning program supplied by Future Technology Devices International.

FTClean - Driver Removal Utility
Uninstalling Windows drivers should always be done by selecting to remove the drivers through the "Add/Remove Programs" utility.  It is possible however, to selectively remove devices with a specific VID and PID combination by running the FTDI uninstaller manually with edited INI files containing the desired VID and PID.  The FTClean utility provides the user with an easy way of running the uninstaller without having to edit INI files.  FTClean generates the required INI files and then runs the uninstaller automatically.

To download FTClean as a .zip file with the uninstaller executable, click here.

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