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Averaging Sub Interval

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When Average, Maximum or Minimum is selected for logging, the logger takes readings at regular intervals and then records the Average, Maximum or Minimum of these readings at logging time. With our HR series of loggers with Firmware Version 3.x or lower, this interval is one second and can not be changed. With the GP-MC and the HR series of loggers, with Firmware version 4.x or greater, this interval can be set by the user from 1 second to 255 seconds in 1 second steps. In the Omnilog software this interval is called the Averaging Sub Interval.

As an example, if we set the Logging Interval (Sample Period) to 10 minutes and the Averaging Sub Interval to 60 seconds the logger will take readings every 60 seconds and record the selected Average, Maximum and Minimum values every 10 minutes.

Setting the Logging Interval automatically sets the   Averaging Sub Interval as follows:

Logging Interval
(Sample Period)
Averaging Sub Interval
Less than 10 Seconds 1 Second
Less than 30 Seconds 2 Seconds
Less than 1 Minute 5 Seconds
Less than 2 minutes 10 Seconds
Less than 5 minutes 15 Seconds
Less than 10 minutes 30 Seconds
10 Minutes and Greater 60 Seconds

Once the Logging Interval (Sample Period) is entered the Averaging Sub Interval will be updated. If you want to use a different Averaging Sub Interval to the one automatically set by the system, enter the value after the Logging Interval (Sample period) has been set and before you click on the "Start Logger" button.

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The Omnilog software determines if the logger has a user adjustable Averaging Sub Interval and displays a box to enter a new Average Sub Interval. If the logger does not support Averag
ing Sub Interval the box will be hidden.

When the Averaging Sub Interval is set to 1 second and the logger takes readings every second this becomes a significant draw on the loggers battery. The loggers have been designed to run for 5 years on a battery, under ideal circumstances, but an Averaging Interval of one second will drain the battery in just over a year on some of our loggers. see Battery Life

So it is not recommened to run HR series loggers with a Firmware Version of 3.x or less in Average, Maximum or Minimum mode for long periods of time. (You can, but it will shorten the life of the battery).

If you are running GP-MC or HR series loggers (Firmware ver 4.x or greater) for long periods, we suggest setting the Averaging Sub Interval to 10 seconds or greater.

If the GP-MC is running on an external power supply, then the Averaging Sub Interval can be set to any value as there will no battery drain problem.

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